Abrasive Blasting

Sand Blasting or abrasive blasting is used to clean or prepare surfaces such as steel, (both structural steel & new steel) brick and concrete. A stream of abrasive material is propelled at high speed at a surface using air pressure and water pressure.

The purpose of the blasting is to remove substances such as rust, scale, paint and graffiti from a surface.

Dry Ice Blasting

CO2 Dry Ice Blasting offers a revolutionary method of cleaning. Years of research, application and practical commercial use of this process, make it the most efficient, safe, versatile and environmentally friendly cleaning application available.


Industrial Coatings

We blast and spray paint everything Domestic, Commercial and Industrial.If you want superior quality, fixed price quotes, delivery on time and restoration of your product to brand new, remember we will come to your location.We can match any colour through our quality suppliers using all quality brands of paint.

Sandblasting in Bundaberg & Surrounds

Diamond Mobile Blasting is your local abrasive blasting specialist. We use the latest innovative technology to bring you fast, safe, cost-effective surface preparation and coating application. With our mobile equipment, we can offer our blasting and painting service to a wide range of business and industries. Our services include

  • Vapor Blasting
  • Sand Blasting
  • Industrial coatings
  • Dry Ice Blasting
  • Water Pressure Blasting

Our systems have many applications including car restorations, graffiti removal, concrete & brick restorations, marine restorations, heavy machinery, smoke and fire damage, line stripe removal and many more. Our machines are also completely eco-friendly as they don’t use any chemicals. Get in touch with the professional team at Diamond Mobile Blasting to find out more or ask for a quote.

Diamond Dustless Mobile Blasting

Looking for Mobile Sandblasting in Bundaberg?

Diamond Mobile Blasting uses the latest technology to bring you cost-effective solutions to your abrasive blasting and industrial coating needs.

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